Boudoir video

Things I'm loving right now:

*my Sugar & Spice scented Yankee candle

*rose gold jewelry

*enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday week without stressing about Christmas

*ladies who come to the Bedhead Boudoir studio feeling nervous but leave with a confident bounce in their step

*Pomme Baya flavored LaCroix (have you tried this?? LOVE!)

What are you loving RIGHT NOW?

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Boudoir Photography team :)

PS Check out this boudoir video!

2017 Review of Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

Before you book a boudoir shoot, it's good to check out reviews!  Boudoir photography is a personal, intimate experience and you want to make sure you are in expert hands!

Check out this Google review from Nov 15, 2017 for Bedhead Boudoir:

"I had an excellent time at my session!  Like many people on here, I was a little nervous but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I got over that pretty quickly. The champagne helped too! ;-) Once we got into the shoot I never felt self conscious at all. Paula did my makeup perfectly! It's the first time I've worn full makeup since my wedding over 4 years ago, and it turned out lovely. I usually don't feel sexy but I did during this photo shoot. My husband loved the book and the app. I highly recommend this and I would definitely go back!"


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