Boudoir video

Things I'm loving right now:

*my Sugar & Spice scented Yankee candle

*rose gold jewelry

*enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday week without stressing about Christmas

*ladies who come to the Bedhead Boudoir studio feeling nervous but leave with a confident bounce in their step

*Pomme Baya flavored LaCroix (have you tried this?? LOVE!)

What are you loving RIGHT NOW?

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Boudoir Photography team :)

PS Check out this boudoir video!

2017 Review of Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

Before you book a boudoir shoot, it's good to check out reviews!  Boudoir photography is a personal, intimate experience and you want to make sure you are in expert hands!

Check out this Google review from Nov 15, 2017 for Bedhead Boudoir:

"I had an excellent time at my session!  Like many people on here, I was a little nervous but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I got over that pretty quickly. The champagne helped too! ;-) Once we got into the shoot I never felt self conscious at all. Paula did my makeup perfectly! It's the first time I've worn full makeup since my wedding over 4 years ago, and it turned out lovely. I usually don't feel sexy but I did during this photo shoot. My husband loved the book and the app. I highly recommend this and I would definitely go back!"


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Boudoir Photography for Brides ~ Chicago Boudoir Photography

Your big “I do” day is just a few months away and while you are diligently working hard on a thousand details! Let’s not forget one more must do before the big day. Schedule your Bedhead Boudoir Photography session! 

You’re already prepared to look and feel amazing on your wedding day – why not immortalize this moment in your life and savor it for a lifetime. In your final moments of being single, indulge yourself with a day of pampering, professionally styled hair and make-up in a lavish setting that will leave you feeling revitalized, confident and glamorous.  

Chicago Boudoir Photography Wedding and Bridayl


Brides who are looking for a creative and unique gift to give their fiancé on their wedding eve will love gifting a photo album from their Bedhead Boudoir session. Every women deserves to see herself looking amazing and have her fiancé, husband or loved ones see her at her very best too. Whether you are a size 2 or 20, every bride is beautiful and it’s my job to capture that beauty with a sense of style and elegance. Book your bridal shoot today!