What to wear to your boudoir photography shoot

The most common question we receive from clients is "What should I wear to my shoot?” When you book your session with Behead Boudoir, you will receive all of the info you need to prep for your perfect shoot.  Here are a few guidelines to get you started!

1. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful.  Choose outfits that make you feel confident! This photo shoot is about celebrating YOU and ALL THAT YOU ARE.  At Bedhead Boudoir, we strive to capture your unique personality and confidence. Don't be afraid to try something a bit out of your comfort zone - a boudoir photo session is an opportunity to be daring and adventurous!

2. Consider bringing several outfits with you so that you have lots of options. It's always better to bring more rather than less!  We recommend 3-5 outfits for a 60 minute session.

3. You can't go wrong with a classic black lace bra and panty set. Jewel tones such as rich blues, garnets, greens and purples also look great on camera compliment many skin tones.

4. Almost everyone looks great in a bustier or corset. The structure of the boning and torso coverage is flattering on almost every body type.

5. Consider bringing one of your man's white dress shirts! Draping a man's dress shirt off of your shoulders is a very sexy look!

6. You may also want to bring some accessories such as gloves, a fedora hat, jewelry, a man's tie, a baseball cap or a sports jersey.

7. Don't forget to bring high-heeled shoes! The higher the heels the better (they tone and elongate your legs!). We suggest bringing one dark pair of heels and one light pair (like white or nude).

8. If you’re getting married you might consider bringing some white lacy lingerie and even your wedding veil to create a bridal look in your images.

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Bottom line - you want to look tasteful not tacky and beautiful, so bring a variety of options that fit well and you feel like a million bucks in. Stay away from cheesy costumes and opt for glamorous and timeless styles instead!