How I Became a Boudoir Photographer ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photographer, Angela Keefe

My dream of becoming my own boss, tapping into my passion for photography and the desire to spend more time with my son were the driving forces behind the creation of Bedhead Boudoir Photography.

With the blessing of my husband, I began this journey by turning a vintage 1920’s house into a beautifully appointed studio space. Many friends volunteered their time to be my subjects so that I could practice posing and lighting. I signed up for local photography classes, went on shoot-alongs with local photographers, studied posing guides, and immersed myself in all things boudoir!  I knew I was on to something when after my first session, I ended up having just as much fun as my clients did - maybe even more! The most rewarding part of my job is presenting images that truly capture the essence and beauty of my clients and then hearing how these images made them feel. Some felt empowered, some felt sexy and others for the first time - simply felt beautiful. To me, that really is proof that "a picture is worth thousand words!"   It has been and continues to be a craft that I continuously look to improve upon and bring new and fresh ideas to.

In my previous life as a software engineer, I worked under strict deadlines under close supervision with defined rules and regulations. Bedhead Boudoir Photography is different: organic, creative, free flowing and just plain FUN! Still incredibly challenging – but for a host of new reasons.

It’s easy for me to find beauty in the simple things around me, but sometimes we are our own worst critics. One of my greatest joys is seeing clients fall in LOVE with their images.  I take the time to consult with each client before their boudoir photo shoot. I offer advice on posing, tips on makeup and hair, wardrobe and facial expressions. I find that sometimes the biggest challenge is to get the client in the proper state of mind and confidence for the photoshoot. I need my clients to be relaxed, open to the excitement of the journey that I will make them look AMAZING! If they look and feel good, mission accomplished!  I love receiving so many positive feedback from my clients, it truly makes me so happy!

I quickly realized that professional hair and make-up was going to be key to a sucessful boudoir photography business.  That’s when I brought in hair and makeup specialist Paula Heckenast – trulya hair and make-up goddess!

Paula, CEO & Founder of City Lights Makeup Artistry, Inc. was EXACTLY what I was looking for to complete the Bedhead Boudoir experience. Coming from a career in customer service and now living out her own passion in makeup artistry- Paula brings such professionalism and charisma to each shoot. Upon completing her certification in 2006, Paula has freelanced as a makeup artist working internationally for companies like L'Oreal Professionnel, Smashbox Cosmetics, YSK Entertainment and celebrities like, Vivica A. Fox, Stan Lee, Laura Vandervoort and Stedman Graham. Her ability to transform our clients into their full on fantasy persona is not only exciting to see, but also helps set the tone for the entire photo shoot. 

From the moment you arrive Bedhead Boudoir Photography, you’ll see that every detail has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a luxury experience.

You’ll enter a friendly high profile private environment that exudes comfort, creativity, excitement and most of all FUN.  No aspect is overlooked, from the studio designs, the photo backdrops, hair, makeup and professional photography.

Together, with my attention to detail and by styling each pose to enhance each and every stunning feature you have- I am certain your experience at Bedhead Boudoir is one you will never forget.

Angela Keefe, owner and photography at Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

Angela Keefe, owner and photography at Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago