Thank you for booking your boudoir shoot with Bedhead Boudoir Photography! We can't wait to meet you!

Here's everything you need to know to get ready for the boudoir shoot of your dreams!


  • Create a Pinterest board and start pinning inspiration images for outfits, posing, and make-up. Our signature look is a subtle smokey eye, light lip color and sexy/beachy hair waves, but our make-up artists can do anything from super natural to super glam!

  • Stay out of the sun to avoid tan lines and sunburns.

  • We do NOT recommend getting a spray tan. Your natural skin tone will usually look better on camera than a spray tan. If you get spray tans frequently and know that it looks good on you, then go for it. But this is probably not the time to try your first spray tan. Streaks from a spray tan are difficult to hide and will show in your photos.

  • Get a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish. Your hands and feet will show in many of your images.

  • If you like to wax, get it done a couple of days before your session to minimize any redness or irritation showing in your images.

  • Get your eyebrows shaped.

  • Remove the peach fuzz from your face. The make-up we use at the studio can sometimes accentuate tiny facial hairs in your images. We recommend removing facial hair by simply running a disposable razor lightly over your face while dry (just be careful not to nick any blemishes). Don't worry - your hair will NOT grow back thicker if you shave it - that is a myth!

  • Make sure that your hair has been recently trimmed and colored. Wash your hair the night before or the morning of your shoot. Arrive at the studio with clean, dry hair.

  • Remove the tags and labels from your shoes and lingerie.

  • Clean the soles of your shoes - the bottoms of your shoes will show in many of your images!

  • Let us know if you want to take advantage of booking a second make-up look for your shoot ($75) renting hair extensions ($45).

  • Make plans to go out on the town the evening after your session – you’ll look stunning, you’ll feel empowered and you will want to celebrate!



Here are some of our favorite white lies that you can use to keep your partner in the dark!

  1. “I’m going to the spa.” A day at Bedhead Boudoir is a lot like a day at the spa - you’ll get your hair and make-up professionally done and you’ll be pampered by our photographers. You’ll leave the studio looking glam and feeling gorgeous!

  2. “I going shopping for your Christmas/ birthday present.” If you’re planning to give your boudoir album as a gift, then this is technically true!

  3. “I’m doing another hair and make-up trial for the wedding.” Pretty sure your groom is just going to roll his eyes and think, “MORE wedding planning??”

  4. “Just running some boring wedding errands.” The “wedding errand” part is technically true, but definitely not the “boring” part!

  5. “There’s a free make-over event at the mall.” If you tell him this, then when you come home with fancified hair and make-up, he won’t suspect a thing.

  6. “My friend’s sister is in beauty school and I agreed to be a hair and make-up model for her today.” If you use a real friend’s name, then be sure to fill her in too!


  • Wear loose clothing. Avoid anything that will leave red indentations on your skin, such as tight jeans or socks.

  • Use clear deodorant.

  • Moisturize your skin heavily all over.

  • Come to the studio with clean, dry hair and no make-up on. Make sure that you have removed all of your eye make-up from the day before.

  • You are welcome to bring any specific make-up products that are a MUST for you, such as a particular lip color.

  • Let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to make-up products.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat something light but filling before you come for your session.

  • Take a deep breath and relax! It's perfectly normal to feel nervous before doing a boudoir photo shoot. But don't worry - you are in great hands and we will be with you every step of the way!

  • Arrive at your appointment time at Bedhead Studio with your outfits, shoes and accessories. We’ll take care of the rest! You do not need to arrive early, as we may be with another client. The studio is located in a historic glam 1M + home at 72 Abbottsford Road Winnetka, IL. We are happy to pick you up from the train station if you need a ride—just let us know!



Plan to bring your own intimate wardrobe for your shoot.  The outfits that you bring are an essential part of your boudoir shoot and it is usually a great excuse to do some shopping! Depending on which collection you have selected, we will photograph you in up to 6 different outfits. You can add on an additional outfit to any collection for just $200. You are welcome to bring a variety of outfits with you and our stylists will help you select the best ones for the camera. It’s always better to bring more rather than less!


When choosing lingerie for your shoot, keep the following in mind:

  • Structured lingerie items with a bit of lift, boning and/or wiring will give you a better shape in your photos than a loose slip.

  • Jewel tones such as purple, navy, red, turquoise and crimson look good on almost everyone!

  • You don’t have to bare everything. For example, a lace-up corset or a slip with a built-in bra gives your bust-line a great lift while covering your middle. Thigh-high stockings are also great for smoothing out the look of your legs.

  • Bring items that fit and that YOU love! If you feel uncomfortable, it will show in your photos. Bring things that make you feel confident and sexy!

Not sure where to shop for lingerie?  Check out our store recommendations HERE.

Some of our lingerie recommendations include:

  1. A black push-up bra with a matching panty

  2. Jewel-toned bra & panty sets with a bit of lace or texture

  3. A corset with a thong, garter belt and thigh-high stockings

  4. Lace body suits

  5. A stretchy thong if you want a picture like this one!


Your will need at least one pair of fabulous high-heeled shoes for your boudoir photo shoot. And the higher the heel, the better! When selecting shoes for your shoot, consider bringing sexy, elegant shoes, not just your everyday office heels.

You may want to bring one pair of black shoes (to wear with your dark colored lingerie) and one pair of nude/ metallic shoes (to wear with lighter colored lingerie).

If you are getting married, you may want to bring your wedding shoes!

Before you come to the studio, peel off any labels or stickers and clean the soles of your shoes.  The bottoms of your shoes are likely to show in many of your pictures!


Chunky necklaces, a long strand of pearls or a sentimental piece of jewelry are all great ways to add a bit of bling to your boudoir images. Bracelets and earrings will also look great with your lingerie. 


We love hosiery. Thigh-high stockings are a great addition to almost any lingerie outfit. Stockings can be worn with or without a garter belt. We recommend all varieties of thigh-highs: black, white, fishnet, lace – you just can’t go wrong!


If you are getting married, consider bringing your bridal accessories to your boudoir shoot, including your wedding garter, veil, shoes and jewelry. And be sure to wear your engagement ring!


You are welcome to bring other clothing items or props to personalize your shoot, such as a man’s white shirt, an off-the-shoulder sweater, a lace robe, a tank top, a black leather jacket or a sports jersey. Bring items that make YOU feel sexy!  We also have a few items and props at the studio that we can incorporate into your shoot - contact us for details!


Get a hair cut and a close shave before your shoot.  You might even consider a facial! For wardrobe, we recommend:

  • Briefs or boxers

  • Jeans and a t-shirt

  • Dress pants and a white button-down shirt

  • Uniform - military, fire fighter, police etc

  • Solid colored shoes

  • Anything that is special or sentimental for you!


Contact us with any questions - we're here to help!