4 Fun Things Every Chicago Bride Should Do

Here are 4 fun things that every Chicago bride should do!

1. Take wedding or engagement pictures at “The Bean.” This iconic Chicago sculpture officially titled “Cloudgate” is a must-stop place for wedding or engagement pictures.  Go super early in the morning to avoid crowds.

2. Get boudoir pictures taken.  Since you’re already getting all fit and glam for your big day, now is a great time for a fun, flirty photo session.  How about a few pics in some white, lacy, bridal lingerie?  Bring your veil along for some sexy bridal portraits.  A boudoir album makes a perfect wedding day or honeymoon gift for your husband-to-be.  Check out Bedhead Boudoir Photography on Chicago’s North Shore for a private, classy session.

3. Make a date out of getting your marriage license. Ok, so getting your marriage license paperwork done might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, so why not make a fun date out of it? Get that license and then head out for a night on the town celebrating one step closer to saying “I do!” More info about getting your wedding license in the Chicago area here.

4. Attach a “Love Lock” to a downtown bridge. The tradition started in Paris (which is THE city of love, am I right?).  Here’s how it works: you and your lover attach a keyed lock to the bridge and then throw the key into the river. It’s a romantic gesture to show that your love will never be unlocked! (Note: the city of Chicago has recently started cutting locks off of bridges, so you might chose a different spot that is significant to you: maybe the fence outside the restaurant where you had your first date? The light pole at the site of your first kiss?)

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Your big “I do” day is just a few months away and while you are diligently working hard on a thousand details! Let’s not forget one more must do before the big day. Schedule your Bedhead Boudoir Photography session! 

You’re already prepared to look and feel amazing on your wedding day – why not immortalize this moment in your life and savor it for a lifetime. In your final moments of being single, indulge yourself with a day of pampering, professionally styled hair and make-up in a lavish setting that will leave you feeling revitalized, confident and glamorous.  

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Brides who are looking for a creative and unique gift to give their fiancé on their wedding eve will love gifting a photo album from their Bedhead Boudoir session. Every women deserves to see herself looking amazing and have her fiancé, husband or loved ones see her at her very best too. Whether you are a size 2 or 20, every bride is beautiful and it’s my job to capture that beauty with a sense of style and elegance. Book your bridal shoot today!