How naughty do you want to be? ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

How naughty do YOU want to be at your boudoir shoot?

At the Bedhead Boudoir Photo Studio, we offer something for everyone - it's up to you how naughty you want to be!  Are you looking for something sweet and innocent or something spicier?

Here's our guide to planning the boudoir shoot experience that is right for you!

To get started, first answer these two questions:

1) What is your modesty comfort level?  Do you want to bare everything or hardly anything?  

There are lots of wardrobe options for boudoir, from lace dresses to full nudity. What's right for you?  There is no right or wrong answer to this question!

2) How are you going to display your boudoir images?

Before you come into the studio, it's great to think about the kinds of boudoir products you want to create from your images.  Are you creating a super sexy boudoir album that's "for his eyes only?" Or would you rather have some less scandalous images to hang on your bedroom wall?  What about a sexy calendar to hang discreetly in your closet?  Knowing how you are going to use the images will help you plan what kinds of outfits and posing will work best.

Pack the outfits that you feel comfortable wearing and we'll adapt the studio furniture, props and lighting to match your mood.  We have many years of experience creating images of all types and we're here to help you create the images that are right for YOU!


3 types of boudoir images


#1 Sweet & innocent:

Sweet and innocent images work well for public or semi-private display.  These type of images have a happy vibe and include natural posing with lots of smiles and soft lighting.

Wardrobe suggestions: Here's a little boudoir studio secret - you can come do a boudoir shoot at the Bedhead Studio without even bringing any lingerie!  A lacy dress and a pair of heels is all you need!   Other wardrobe ideas for sweet and innocent images include:

  • a silk robe
  • a low cut shirt
  • an off-the-shoulder sweater
  • boy shorts
  • sports team jerseys
  • a long strand of pearls
  • cut-off shorts & a white t-shirt
  • his favorite button-down shirt
  • a semi-sheer swimsuit cover-up


#2 Victoria Secret sexy:

Victoria Secret images are perfect for bridal and anniversary albums and calendars. The images are sexy, sensual and alluring.

Wardrobe suggestions:  Bring lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, confident and sexy!  Wardrobe ideas for Victoria Secret sexy images include:

  • a bra and panty set
  • a corset with panties
  • cheeky panties
  • a lace shirt
  • a lace bodysuits worn with a bra underneath
  • dangling earrings
  • a teddy with built-in push-up bra
  • a sheer dress

#3 Super spicy:

Super spicy images are "for his eyes only."  The images are a bit racy and seductive with dramatic lighting and suggestive posing. Some poses may be topless or implied full nude [*Note: at the Bedhead Studio, we do not shoot full nude, crotch shots or highly explicit images].

Wardrobe suggestions: Feel free to turn up the heat!  Bring wardrobe items that make you feel hot and sexy, including:

  • fishnet stockings
  • garter belts
  • a leather lace-up corset
  • a metal studded belt
  • chunky jewelry
  • thong underwear
  • mesh body stockings
  • lace teddy with cut-outs
  • lace gloves
  • a leather jacket

So, how naughty do YOU want to be for your boudoir shoot?  Let us know in the comments below!