Red soled shoes for your boudoir shoot!

Hello gorgeous!

You know what makes a boudoir shoot really pop?  A great pair of shoes.  The higher the heel, the better!

At the Bedhead Boudoir studio, we've got a collection of great shoes for you to wear during your shoot, including these sexy black stilettos with RED SOLES.

Check it out:

red bottom shoes

YES, we have your size! (Size 6-10)

YES, you can wear them during your shoot!

And YES, you will look fabulous!

There something about the red bottom shoes that just gives that fun pop of color, that added bit of sexiness to your shoot!  

The red soled shoes look great with almost any color of outfit, but especially with black, red and nude lingerie.  

red bottomed shoes

Come into the Bedhead studio and we'll help transform you into the BOMBSHELL babe that you are!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead team