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Something we're loving RIGHT NOW?  Lace bodysuits!  We are seeing lace bodysuits in all kinds of colors and textures here at the studio and we are loving them all. 


5 reasons we love lace bodysuits:

1) Lace gives beautiful texture in photos.  Lace against skin looks fantastic on camera.  The lacy edges of bodysuits add dimension and interest to your photos.

2) Bodysuits are flattering on all body types! A lace bodysuit adds coverage in the right places while still revealing curves.  

3) Bodysuits show a little, but not everything. Choosing a bodysuit means that you're wearing a bit more fabric than just a bra & panty set, but because it's sheer, it's still showing some skin.  

4) Lace is feminine, flirty and fun! Try putting on something lacy without feeling confident and sexy - it's almost impossible!  

5) Flexibility.  Bodysuits offer a lot of flexibility on how they can be worn: wear without a bra for sheer lacy goodness, or add a padded bra underneath for some added lift!

At the bottom of the post, we've added links to where you can buy some fantastic lace bodysuits for your boudoir shoot!

Here are some pictures of recent clients we've had in the studio rocking lace bodysuits:


Here are some fabulous lace bodysuits that you can buy NOW to look sexy & feel confident at your boudoir shoot:

Free people:

We can't wait to have you in the Bedhead Boudoir studio!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team