7 White Lies to Use to Keep you Boudoir Photos a Surprise

You're getting boudoir photos done for your significant other.  It's going to be the greatest gift ever!  You definitely want to keep it a surprise!  You want to hand him that album and just be blown away.  So what do you tell him on the day that you go to get the photos done? 

Here are 7 white lies to use to guarantee that your boudoir photo shoot stays a surprise!

1. “I’m going to the spa.”

A day at Bedhead Boudoir is a lot like a day at the spa! You’ll get your hair and make-up professionally done and you’ll be pampered by our stylists and photographers. You’ll leave the studio looking glam and feeling gorgeous and refreshed!


2. “I going shopping for your Christmas/ birthday present.”

If you’re planning to give your boudoir album as a gift, then this is technically true, right?


3. “I’m headed to yet another hair and make-up trial for the wedding!”

Pretty sure your groom is just going to roll his eyes and think, “MORE wedding planning??”


4. “Just running some boring wedding errands.”

The “wedding errand” part is technically true, but definitely not the “boring” part!


5. “There’s a free make-over event at the mall!”

If you tell him this, then when you come home with fancy hair and make-up, he won’t suspect a thing.


6. “I’m taking this lingerie to the dry cleaner.”

Men don’t usually question women about the laundry specifics of intimate items!


7. “My friend’s sister is in beauty school and I agreed to be a hair and make-up model for her today.”

If you use a real friend’s name, then be sure to fill her in on the ruse in case he talks to her!


Got some better excuses than these?  Let us know in the comments!