10 things to ask your boudoir photographer before you book

1. Will my images be posted online? Boudoir photography is an intimate experience and you need to be 100% sure that your images will only be shared with your permission.

2. Are you fully insured and licensed? Any photographer who is running a legitimate business will carry business insurance and appropriate business licenses.

3. Will my images be password-protected when they are uploaded to any online galleries? Password protection is essential to protecting your private images.

4. Where will my session take place? Some start-up photographers advertise boudoir sessions in warehouses, garages, and hotel rooms. Be aware that running a business in this way is illegal in some states. 

5. Are the members of your staff male or female? Many women prefer all-female staff for their boudoir shoot.  It’s good to know who will be in the room with you for your shoot before you get there.

6. Do you archive my images? While archiving can seem helpful, this also introduces concerns about long-term security and privacy.

7. Can I buy the hi-res images from my session? You will probably want the images from your session in a book or an album, but you may also want to buy the hi-res images from your session as a back-up.

8. Is professional hair and make-up included in the session price? Having a professional hair and make-up artist perfect your look before your boudoir shoot is one of the most important parts of creating gorgeous boudoir images that you will love!

9. Can I bring inspiration images to my shoot? Each woman is unique and many photographers encourage their clients to bring inspiration images to their shoot.

10. How many outfits can I bring to the session? Having a variety of looks will be key to having an amazing set of images in your final boudoir gallery!