"My nerves went to a ZERO!" at Bedhead Boudoir Photography

You've never done a boudoir shoot, so you're probably wondering a little bit about how it goes?  

Read what Miss J had to say about her boudoir experience:

"Why wait...bite the bullet and book with Bedhead Boudoir. I started doing my search in January with boudoir photography and Angela got back to me quickly; without any pressure to book the same day. Angela made me feel comfortable from day one. After booking I got a guide from both Angela and Paula, which helped out a ton.

I am not going to say I wasn't nervous, because I was nervous. The day of the photo shoot I was super nervous about getting into lingerie in front of a complete stranger. I was pulling in to Bedhead and my nerves went from a 7 to over 10, I couldn't believe I was doing this. I went to the front door and I was greeted by Angela's Team. The girls were super nice, which made my nerves go down to a 5.

We went down stairs where my girl next door look was transformed into a bombshell look. I couldn't believe that was me. After hair and makeup we went upstairs to go over my outfit choices. Then it was time for the big shoot. I got into my first outfit and Angela's team made me feel super comfortable and confident, my nerves went to a ZERO!! I had so much fun at the shoot, I came home and felt super confident.

I got an email from Angela and her team super quick that my photos were ready. OH BOY...they looked fabulous!! It was hard choosing images!! Needless to say I am HIGHLY recommending Bedhead Boudoir to all my family, friends, co workers, and anyone else. Angela and her team are amazing. Don't hesitate, bite the bullet and book with them."


You got this, girl!  Give us a call! 312-883-0030


A day at the boudoir studio is always fun and empowering. Every woman leaves our studio with a little bit more sparkle than when they came in!  But for some women, it's more than just a boudoir shoot.  For Nina, it was about celebrating life, her mom and her bright future.

We are proud to have hosted Nina in our studio and to share her story.  

Thank you for coming into the studio, Nina!  You are such an example of courage and hope during a very dark time. We hope that you enjoyed your luxurious day at the studio - your images look amazing!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Read about Nina's incredibly journey here and here.

From the article on rrstar.com:

When Nina Jacobson went in for her annual ob/gyn exam one month after her mother’s funeral, the unthinkable happened.

A lump was discovered in her breast, and when sent for further testing was diagnosed as breast cancer.

“It’s was almost like it wasn’t real life. It was like a Lifetime movie or something,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson’s mother, Penny Jacobson, had battled breast cancer more than a decade earlier, when Nina was in high school. After aggressive treatment, doctors believed they’d gotten everything and Penny could go on to live a normal life.

But when severe back pain in 2012 drove Penny to various medical specialists, they discovered the cancer had returned. This time it spread to her bones, and it would eventually go to Penny’s liver and lungs. She died at age 70.

“Our whole family is extremely close, mom was my person,” Nina said. “I never thought she wouldn’t be here right now.”

Penny went through extensive treatment and had a strong support network of close-knit family and friends. Nina was by her side through it all offering strength and unknowingly learning how to battle the disease.

“I walked into (my own) treatment the most-educated 29-year-old they’ve probably ever encountered,” Nina said. “It’s the only way that I know to do it. (My mom) did so amazingly. People had no idea she’d been sick for the past three years. She just had so much grace and so much poise.”

Nina and her older sister, Mindy Schideman, promised their mother they would get genetic testing to check for breast cancer risk. Penny’s sister and other Jacobson relatives also have died from breast cancer. It seemed in their family it’s not a question of “if” you’ll get breast cancer, but “when.”

The average woman in the U.S. has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Everyone has the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, but women who have abnormal BRCA genes can have up to an 80 percent risk of a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast cancers associated with abnormal BRCA genes tend to develop in younger women and more often in both breasts.

The ATM gene helps repair damaged DNA, but someone who inherits an abnormal ATM gene has a higher risk of breast cancer (and pancreatic cancer).

Nina’s diagnosis came before that testing could even happen, but both of them still got it. Mindy carries abnormal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Nina has the abnormal BRCA and an abnormal ATM gene.

Mindy, who has two young children, underwent a preventative double mastectomy.

Nina and her now-fiance Nathan decided to do egg harvesting to help if they encounter fertility issues down the line, but then she quickly went through aggressive treatment. Nina had a double mastectomy and went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

“There was never a moment that Nina felt bad for herself,” said longtime friend Heather Stoner. She recalls Nina took her mother’s diagnosis harder than her own.

“Penny was just her whole world,” Stoner said. ”(During her own treatment) she just really missed Penny. Missing your mom makes it all so much harder. That was the only time I heard Nina complain through the whole thing.”

Stoner, a women’s health nurse practitioner, has been friends with Nina since middle school. “She’s somebody who will always try to make you see the good side of things,” Stoner said. And if there’s any positive that can come from this, Stoner said it’s made her push her patients harder than ever to be vigilant about annual exams.

“And every month do the exam yourself,” she added. “The big picture is that if you do it every month you’re going to know what’s normal for you, and then you know if something is not right.”

Mindy said she was struck by her sister’s strength during the treatment, just as she was by their mom’s.

“I know it’s important for them to try to get the message out to others to get testing done, if you have the ability, so you can have as much time with your family as possible,” Mindy said.

Nicole Washington of Roscoe is a longtime friend of both Nina and Mindy.

“Nina is seriously one of the strongest people I know,” she said. In high school, Nina was a cheerleader and was a base on the squad, Washington recalled. “She was one of the ones picking up others around her. She’s always there is you need someone and would do anything for her friends.”

When friends and family organized fundraising events to support Nina’s cancer fight, it surprised no one that the turnout was huge. People wanted to return the kindness Nina, Penny and the whole family has shown to others over the years.

Nina is rounding out a year during which, at times, she felt more like a science experiment than a woman. But she still believes there’s got to be a reason why this all played out the way it did.

“I’ve been told to live life as I did before, though obviously I will be monitored super close for the rest of my life,” Nina said.

So Nina is looking forward now. She’s waiting for her hair to grow back and planning her wedding for October 2017, though that’s another event where she will miss her mother beyond words.

“This whole journey has been humbling for me,” she said. “I’ve learned that in a really confused world, there’s so much good.”

Make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation here.

Learn more about breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment here.

Which image should she choose for her SECRET CANVAS?

When your entire boudoir gallery is stunning, it is hard to pick JUST ONE image!

Help a girl out!

Which image should she choose for a SECRET CANVAS?

The Secret Canvas is meant to be hung on the wall in his closet, behind his shirts.  So it's hidden, but not inaccessible :)

Let us know which image you love in the comments!
xoxo The Bedhead Team


Plus-size boudoir in Chicago ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photography

All right, ladies! 

We hear it all the time - "I need to lose some weight before I do a boudoir shoot."

We're here to say NO!




Many, many of our clients here in our Chicago area studio are plus-size and they look fabulous!!

You don't need to wait.  You don't need to lose weight.  You are AMAZING NOW!

We've got our 4-star approach to making every woman looking amazing, no matter her dress size:

1) Professional hair-make-up and lashes: getting your hair, make-up and lashes done by our professional artists will make you look amazing (we promise!) and give you the confidence you need going into your boudoir shoot

2) Posing: We are experts at posing all shapes and sizes.  We will highlight your best assets and make you look stunning!

3) Lighting: We have many years of experience with the use of lighting to catch the best angles and looks.

4) Photoshop: Included with all Bedhead Boudoir Photography sessions is professional editing of all of your pictures in color and black and white!

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Bedhead Boudoir Photography ~ Chicago and Suburbs

We are a luxury boudoir studio located in Winnetka on Chicago's North Shore.  We have clients travel from all over for the Bedhead Boudoir Photography experience.  We have clients come from Evanston IL, Shaumburg IL, Deerfield IL, Tinley Park, IL, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Indiana - we have even had women fly in from Europe and China for their unforgettable boudoir experience! We can't wait to meet you and have you in the boudoir studio!  Are you celebrating an anniversary, your 40th birthday or getting married?  What about your 50th birthday or your 1st anniversary? Give us a call!

Here are some images from a recent client boudoir session.  She totally rocked her shoot!  

I love what she wrote to us when she saw her images:

"Omg!!!!! You are Amazing!!!!! Thank u sooooo much!"

That about sums it up, doesn't it?! Check out her stunning images:

Journelle event in Chicago!

On Friday night we had a great time hanging out with our friends at JOURNELLE Chicago!  The lingerie shop on 1725 Damen Avenue is a little jewel box of a store with beautiful displays and so much fun lingerie!  I personally was drooling over this set:



It was raining and storming on Friday, but we still had a great time breaking out the bubbly and meeting lots of ladies who were shopping for that perfect set of lingerie!

Thank you for hosting us, Journelle!  We had a fabulous evening & look forward to seeing you again soon!
xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

TONIGHT!! Free bubbly & giveaways at Journelle Chicago!

How does free bubbly sound?  Plus giveaways?! JOIN US at Journelle Chicago (1725 N Damen Ave. Chicago) TONIGHT (Friday, July 21st) from 5-8pm.  

RSVP here: http://stores.journelle.com/en/chicago/events/c577c9


xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team


Featured in Voyage Chicago magazine! ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

Excited to announced that Bedhead Boudoir Photography has been featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine!

Read the interview here:

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
5+ years ago I was working as a software engineer. Leaving my house around 5:30 and getting home about 12 hours later. I had started a few years before this to dabble in children, family & baby photography. I really enjoyed the photography part not the crying babies and unruly children. I had an old friend who did a boudoir shoot with a Groupon. When I saw her book it looked ok but even she said you can totally do this and WAAAAAY better! So I had a best friend in town and she had an amazing suite at the Fairmont. I brought a few props, some lighting and of course bubbly! We practiced and it felt so natural. I loved showing my friends their images, they were shocked at how beautiful they really are, inside & out. Then Bedhead was born! I converted a lot of space in a 1926 classic vintage home to studio space including, hair & makeup suite, dressing room and bedrooms. Truly love making women of all ages, shapes and sizes feel empowered and confident.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My challenge has been time management and editing. I take privacy very seriously so I don’t outsource editing. I’m happy to say I have an assistant that helps with everything, every step of the way.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Bedhead Boudoir Photography story. Tell us more about the business.
We ARE the boudoir experts! We get to know our clients personally before their photoshoot. We like to give our clients personal attention. After booking with us we send out our Essential Boudoir Guide and Hair & Makeup Prep Guide. We have had fantastic feedback about how helpful the guides are when packing and prepping weeks ahead of time. We also have a no hidden fees approach. We send out our pricing so our clients know what they would be getting specifically and the price. When our clients arrive we will go through all their outfits, show them our prop closet which they have full access to during their shoot. Our prop closet includes: jewelry, high heels, jackets, robes, sweaters, t-shirts, glasses, books, coffee mugs and sports jerseys. We get started with a glass of champagne and take a look at all the other products we offer, our newest is a video of you! After our client is finished in the hair & makeup suite we can get started looking at any inspiration images they brought. Each client has a different vision of what they are looking for in their boudoir session, we like to ensure it’s accomplished. The emails we receive from a new mom or a woman who just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary, is really heartwarming.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Luck? Hummm… I know you have heard it before but luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I have been open to meeting many people along the journey. When someone has an idea or advice I’m open to it. If there is a better way to do something I’d love to hear about it. A couple years ago, Paula, owner of City Lights Makeup Artistry, was able to set up WGN TV to come out one morning from 6-10am for their Around Town segment. Its one morning I will never forget. It was lucky that she was able to make that happen!

Read the whole article here:


Chicago's Boudoir Experts!

Hi there!  

Are you nervous and not quite sure what to expect from a boudoir shoot?  Guess what?  You are not alone!  Every woman is nervous to do this kind of thing!

At Bedhead Boudoir, you're with the BOUDOIR EXPERTS.  

We'll be with you every step of the way.

Before your shoot, we'll send over our exclusive boudoir guide with all of the TIPS and TRICKS you'll need: how to prep and what to bring.

During your shoot, we'll pose you and tell you what to do with your face: we'll highlight all of your best assets!

Professional photo retouching is included with ALL sessions.  Professional hair and make-up is included with ALL sessions.

We've been shooting boudoir EXCLUSIVELY for 6+ years and helped hundreds of women feel gorgeous and empowered.

You in?  Let's do this, girl!

We're here to chat or text anytime - contact us at 312-907-6214.

Can't wait to hear from you!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Bridal boudoir photography ~ Chicago, IL ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photography

With a summer wedding coming up, Miss A wanted to give her groom something spectacular for their wedding.  A watch? Cufflinks?  That kind of groom gift just isn't his style!  Plus, if he really wanted a nice watch, he would just buy it for himself, right?  She wanted something fun and more personal to give her man on their wedding day.  Something only she could give.

After doing some googling for wedding day gift ideas, she decided to book a bridal boudoir shoot at Bedhead Boudoir Photography.  She came into the studio and had a fabulous day being pampered with a complimentary glass of champagne, professional hair, make-up and lashes and a fun photo shoot!  

While A was here at the Bedhead Boudoir studio, she picked out an heirloom leather-bound album for her images. She also chose a super fun, super personal engraving for the cover that is sure to bring a cheeky smile to her husband's face when he sees it!  

Congrats on your upcoming wedding, A!  You look absolutely stunning in your images. We are so happy for you and know that you and your husband will treasure your boudoir album for years to come!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead team

PS check out some of A's images below - doesn't she look amazing?

Hello Chicago!

Hello Chicago!
It's a GORGEOUS day outside and we're feeling GOOD!  How about you?

Book a shoot TODAY (6/8/17) and get a FREE add-on.  You choose what you get!

Can't wait to hear from you!  Call/text 312-907-6214 or info@bedheadphotography.com

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Where to buy lingerie besides Victoria's Secret?

We get asked all the time ... where should I buy lingerie besides at Victoria's Secret?

Don't get us wrong - we love Victoria's Secret - they've definitely got some great stuff!  But sometimes you want a different style, a different look and just some more personal attention, am I right?

We've got just the place for you!

It's called JOURNELLE and it's a fabulous little jewel box of a store.

The Bedhead Team took a field trip down to Journelle the other day to check it out!

Here are some quick facts:

Website: http://www.journelle.com/

Address: 1725 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


M-Sa 11AM–7PM


Journelle carries luxury bras, panties, lingerie, bodysuits, pajamas and accessories.


Journelle carries tons of fun and flirty items, plus basics in black and nude:


The sales clerks are very knowledgeable about their products and are expert bra fitters.


We LOVED the way this body spray smelled - YUM!


This black lace set is one of their best sellers and looks AMAZING for photos.  We've had several clients come in with this set and their photos are fabulous. 


Such fun packaging - makes Journelle such a great place to buy a bridal shower gift!


If you are looking for personal service, quality and great selection, stop by Journelle!  Have you already been?  Let us know what you think!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Bedhead Boudoir Photography - Chicago

We have had some stunning clients into the studio recently! Check out some of their images below!

Are you looking to give the best birthday or anniversary gift?  Give him the gift he really wants - YOU!  Every session at the Bedhead studio includes professional hair, make-up and lashes so you're look stunning and confident in front of the camera.  

During your session, we're with you every step of the way, showing you how to pose and what to do with your face.  We have many years of experience with hundreds of women, so we know exactly how to highlight your best assets!  

Digital and print products are available with every session - heirloom albums, photo books, canvases, videos, and even a password protected digital app - everything is ready to gift!

When you're looking for boudoir - book with the BOUDOIR EXPERTS at Bedhead Boudoir Photography!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team

Bridal Boudoir Photography - Chicago - Bedhead Boudoir Photography

Surprise your groom with the best wedding day gift EVER - a boudoir album!  Check out some photos from a recent bride who came into the Bedhead Studio.  Did you know that professional hair and make-up is included with EVERY Bedhead Boudoir Photography session? That way, you can look and feel your best in front of the camera!  Can't wait to have YOU in!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead Team


It's wedding season!

It's wedding season!  Boudoir albums make the best gifts for grooms!  Are you getting married in Chicago or know someone who is?  Tell us all about it in the comments!

xoxo Angela & the Bedhead team

How naughty do you want to be? ~ Bedhead Boudoir Photography, Chicago

How naughty do YOU want to be at your boudoir shoot?

At the Bedhead Boudoir Photo Studio, we offer something for everyone - it's up to you how naughty you want to be!  Are you looking for something sweet and innocent or something spicier?

Here's our guide to planning the boudoir shoot experience that is right for you!

To get started, first answer these two questions:

1) What is your modesty comfort level?  Do you want to bare everything or hardly anything?  

There are lots of wardrobe options for boudoir, from lace dresses to full nudity. What's right for you?  There is no right or wrong answer to this question!

2) How are you going to display your boudoir images?

Before you come into the studio, it's great to think about the kinds of boudoir products you want to create from your images.  Are you creating a super sexy boudoir album that's "for his eyes only?" Or would you rather have some less scandalous images to hang on your bedroom wall?  What about a sexy calendar to hang discreetly in your closet?  Knowing how you are going to use the images will help you plan what kinds of outfits and posing will work best.

Pack the outfits that you feel comfortable wearing and we'll adapt the studio furniture, props and lighting to match your mood.  We have many years of experience creating images of all types and we're here to help you create the images that are right for YOU!


3 types of boudoir images


#1 Sweet & innocent:

Sweet and innocent images work well for public or semi-private display.  These type of images have a happy vibe and include natural posing with lots of smiles and soft lighting.

Wardrobe suggestions: Here's a little boudoir studio secret - you can come do a boudoir shoot at the Bedhead Studio without even bringing any lingerie!  A lacy dress and a pair of heels is all you need!   Other wardrobe ideas for sweet and innocent images include:

  • a silk robe
  • a low cut shirt
  • an off-the-shoulder sweater
  • boy shorts
  • sports team jerseys
  • a long strand of pearls
  • cut-off shorts & a white t-shirt
  • his favorite button-down shirt
  • a semi-sheer swimsuit cover-up


#2 Victoria Secret sexy:

Victoria Secret images are perfect for bridal and anniversary albums and calendars. The images are sexy, sensual and alluring.

Wardrobe suggestions:  Bring lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, confident and sexy!  Wardrobe ideas for Victoria Secret sexy images include:

  • a bra and panty set
  • a corset with panties
  • cheeky panties
  • a lace shirt
  • a lace bodysuits worn with a bra underneath
  • dangling earrings
  • a teddy with built-in push-up bra
  • a sheer dress

#3 Super spicy:

Super spicy images are "for his eyes only."  The images are a bit racy and seductive with dramatic lighting and suggestive posing. Some poses may be topless or implied full nude [*Note: at the Bedhead Studio, we do not shoot full nude, crotch shots or highly explicit images].

Wardrobe suggestions: Feel free to turn up the heat!  Bring wardrobe items that make you feel hot and sexy, including:

  • fishnet stockings
  • garter belts
  • a leather lace-up corset
  • a metal studded belt
  • chunky jewelry
  • thong underwear
  • mesh body stockings
  • lace teddy with cut-outs
  • lace gloves
  • a leather jacket

So, how naughty do YOU want to be for your boudoir shoot?  Let us know in the comments below!